YOU'RE INVITED - To Rethink Church

Join us for an


 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 10:30 AM - 12 PM

Have you ever thought that church is stuffy, boring, or irrelevant to your life? Well, not OUR CHURCH!

Discover the excitement that People’s Church can bring to you and your family.

Expect incredible live music, exciting special features, and a powerful teach. Come early for delicious donuts and coffee, on us!

Experience the warmth of people who truly care for, and accept one another where they’re at.

Imagine that church could actually be this awesome!


What’s Available for Children and Youth?

We have fantastic programs for children and youth that run during the same time as the adult service.

Age 0-2 Our nursery provides a safe place where your babies will be cuddled and cared for while you take in the adult service.
Age 3-5 We have exciting and age-appropriate classes for your little ones at the church. Play centres, crafts, snacks, and a fun lesson, are just some of what’s in store!
Grade 1-5 These energetic kids have their own service at The Reach Centre which includes FREE Play Centre access, games, crafts, snack and a short teach!
Junior Youth (Grade 6-8) Our Junior Youth join the adults in the main auditorium for the music in the first segment of the service, then go to The Reach Centre for their own exciting and age-appropriate teach.

Campaign Schedule

Oct 20 Sunday Campaign Begins
Oct 27 Sunday Week 2 Service
Nov 3 Sunday Week 3 Service
Nov 6 Wednesday Going Deeper 1
Nov 10 Sunday Week 4 Service
Nov 13 Wednesday Going Deeper 2
Nov 17 Sunday Week 5 Service
Nov 20 Wednesday Going Deeper 3
Nov 24 Sunday Week 6 Service
Nov 27 Wednesday Going Deeper 4

Service Opportunities